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Itchy Feet

Nah, not THAT kind of itchy feet. The kind that inspires wanderlust and updating of the bucket list. The sort of itchy that sends us down a rabbit hole on YouTube, seeking out the ultimate in international events. The classics, the infamous, the ones we track year on year, imagining ourselves out there on the course in a foreign land. Would the terrain be the same, the crowds, the aid stations, are the rules any different? Would my gear suffice? How good would that medal look in my collection...?

The Ultimate Trail Trucker

Wildrunner and First Ascent South Africa are teaming up to give you the chance to create the ultimate MCS Trail Trucker.

But first, a lesson in what a trucker really is and why they appear on the heads’ of trail runners the world over.

Take a Hike

We’re letting you in on a little secret… If you are striving to be a better endurance trail runner, hiking might just be the elusive silver bullet.

In a recent article  by Outsideonline.com, hiking was described as the most underrated endurance workout around.

Tread Gently

The Environmental Impact of Trail Running

1st in a 3 part Series

Words by Kim Stephens

Why the Wild Coast?

Ever wondered what running in paradise would feel like? 2019 is your wild year, and the Wildrun® Africa portfolio is your answer. Kei Mouth to Hole-in-the-Wall, The Wild Coast in the Eastern Cape province of South Africa is paradise unparalleled.

Running Mistakes

Ah, we live and learn and on our journey to the ultimate race high or the lifestyle PB, we are bound to make some valuable mistakes along the way. Some errors, however, are best avoided. Learn from those who have gone there before you.


CSTS 2019 Hotting Up

Race 1 and 2 are done and suitably dusted, with potential series champs lined up and ready to race for final victory. A sunset run at Meerendal, and a classic Oak Valley throw down are still to come, and the vibe couldn’t be hotter.

200km through two thousand million years

The Namibia Crossing 2019

Trail Series® FAQ Series

Q1)  It's my first Trail Series®, where will I be running and do I get a medal?

The Cape Summer Trail Series has 4 events each at a different venue:

UTCT 2018

The Pundits Said What? 

The 100km Ultra-trail Cape Town saw disappointment, and some surprises, with three of the men’s race favourites, Rob Krar, Prodigal Khumalo and Ryan Sandes, being forced to withdraw and surprise names making it to top spot in both the men’s and women’s races.