Why the Wild Coast?

Ever wondered what running in paradise would feel like? 2019 is your wild year, and the Wildrun® Africa portfolio is your answer. Kei Mouth to Hole-in-the-Wall, The Wild Coast in the Eastern Cape province of South Africa is paradise unparalleled.

The WildCoast Wildrun® will take place from 31 August to 4 September this year, and entries are about to open. We rounded up a few good reasons to make this your 2019 escape.


It’s the sort of running experience that will live on in your heart for decades. The views and vistas are in complete contrast to city life, where long white beaches and crashing waves, rolling hills and whales breaching become the daily norm for three days and 114km of freedom and natural beauty.


The route has it all. From footprint-free golden beaches along a warm ocean, to rolling grass headlands and delicate coastal forests teeming with life. Envelope your senses in one of the World’s most spectacular coastlines whist enjoying the evening comfort of elegant hotels and lodges along your Wild Coast journey. Take in the physical challenge each day, and enjoy stress-free, warm hospitality each evening.


This coast line holds a delicate balance between sparsely populated beach areas, and dense coastal forests. The vegetation, home to an abundance of wildlife, is both rugged and forgiving as it rolls between grassy headlands, forest and rocky outcrops.


This is, ultimately, a voyage of discovery. You’ll push new physical barriers, meet new friends, and carry loved ones through their own journeys. The finish line at Hole in the Wall becomes the final, emotionally charged moment on a life-changing voyage. Bubbly and tears spill over, and runners welcome each other home until the very last of the crew have received their medals.

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