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2020 Running in Review

What a year for the runner. One minute we had an overcrowded race calendar, and the next we were jogging circles around our gardens. Some used stairwells, others grabbed a skipping rope and joined global skipping challenges, and many of us found online programmes to maintain some kind of fitness and focus. The mountains were banned, the beaches too, and when we were finally allowed out between 6 and 9am, it was clear that life as a runner had changed.

Trail Series® Phantom Rally is on!

The Trail Series® Phantom Rally (TSPR) is the new Wildrunner offering with all the buzz and vibe of the tried and tested Trail Series® format, just wrapped up in a socially distanced, masked and sanitized offering. From 1 July, trail lovers of every age and ability will be able to take part in a new race each month, experiencing the beauty and diversity of the Cape Trails in the only competitive (or non-competitive!) way.

Helderberg & Mountain Challenge Series 2020 update

By now, you will have concluded that the Helderberg Mountain Challenge won't be happening this weekend (13 June).  The Helderberg Nature Reserve remains locked down in level 3.

Jonkershoek Mountain Challenge 2020

Hosted by Wildrunner, the BOS Sport Mountain Challenge Series, is the only one of its kind in South Africa. A tough, pure mountain running series made up of three separate races; the Jonkershoek Mountain Challenge (JMC), the Helderberg Mountain Challenge (HMC) and the Marloth Mountain Challenge (MMC). Each event consists of a Lite, Extreme and Ultra distance race. To complete the series, participants must compete in the same distance category at each race.

Cape Summer Trail Series 2019

It’s here! And if you haven’t thrown your hat in the ring yet, here are some really good reasons to get on it.

Race your best with Periodization, by Alex Kurt

Many of us race too often to race well. Sage Canaday explains why, and how you can structure your training to maximize your trail and ultra race results.The following is a excerpt from an article composed by Alex Kurt, originally published in trailrunnermag.com: