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Trail Series® Phantom Rally is on!

The Trail Series® Phantom Rally (TSPR) is the new Wildrunner offering with all the buzz and vibe of the tried and tested Trail Series® format, just wrapped up in a socially distanced, masked and sanitized offering. From 1 July, trail lovers of every age and ability will be able to take part in a new race each month, experiencing the beauty and diversity of the Cape Trails in the only competitive (or non-competitive!) way.

Stage One will be hosted throughout July on the suburban trails of the Constantia Greenbelt and Cecelia Forest. Stage 2 (Aug) location has been announced, but the three routes will be under wraps until the 25th July! 

How it Works

One Course Per Month

Twelve race courses set over the TSPR, all within the greater Cape region with one virtual race course set per month. Three distances are on offer and with 30 days to set your best time in as many attempts as participants wish. Entry is via www.trailseries.co.za. Stage One features 6.2km, 8.5km or 13km routes.

Monthly Launches

The upcoming month’s stage will be announced by the 25th of each month, allowing participants to prepare. All entrants will be emailed the detailed rally notes, links to the downloadable GPX file, as well as details of the free app used to track each attempt.


Once a rally stage is complete, participants need to email or Whatsapp organisers the GPX file from either the free app used OR from their own device for verification (providing a gpx file can be sent from the device).  A selfie is also required, either just before or just after the attempt. Wildrunner will verify the route and confirm their time.


Once verified, stage times will be reflected on the leaderboard. If participants throw down in multiple attempts, their fastest time will reflect. Within the first five days of the following month, results will be sent to Discovery.

Monthly Spot Prizes

Once the rally stage closes, all participants will be entered into a lucky draw with fantastic prizes on offer from sponsors Steenberg Vineyards, Jaybird, Northridge, BoldGear, Black Diamond and BOS Sport.

Medals and Collateral

Digital medals and certificates will be available together with the online results and for those that do all 12 Stages, a special dodecahedron medal will be sent. Limited edition Trail Series® Phantom Rally running tees, bluffs, facemasks and other merchansdise is available for optional purchase.

It is time to crank up the competitive spirit, challenge friends and family, get the kids off their screens and hit the trails of Cape Town. Trail Series® Phantom Rally awaits!

More information: info@wildrunner.co.za