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Born to be Wild

South Africa is globally renowned for its accessible, wide open spaces. For those who were not raised clambering over rocks, skipping along cattle tracks or drinking from mountain streams, the idea of raising children to embrace the elements and celebrate mountain summits may seem far-fetched, or even questionable in terms of safety. But in a world lived digitally, many families have countered or collapsed screen time in favour of bringing up little wildlings, and the benefits are endless.

Running in Remarkable Rwanda

Our rhythm is good, we are all enjoying the pace, leaping over volcanic rocks in the path, clambering up and down steep, mica-speckled slopes and teetering over wooden bridges that crisscross the canals in the lush tapestry of tea plantations.

Wild Encounters

On the 6th of February this year, a trail running story just about broke the internet. A runner in Colorado fought and killed an 80-pound mountain lion that attacked him on a nature trail in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains, wildlife officials said.

200km through two thousand million years

The Namibia Crossing 2019

Gifts for Trail Runners And a bit of 2019 calendar planning…

Gifts for Trail Runners

And a bit of 2019 calendar planning…

Run the Wildcoast

As runners, we often talk about the freedom that running brings to our lives. We live for wide open spaces, big skies and those moments where nothing but birdsong filters through the air on a gentle breeze. We plan our adventures around sunrises, sunsets and the simplicity of placing one foot in front of the other for as many minutes or hours as our busy lives allow. There is very little as satisfying as looking down from a mountain peak at bumper to bumper traffic and thinking, I made a good choice here.

Trail Running Remarkable Rwanda

Wildrun® Africa is a portfolio of bespoke running experiences hosted by Wildrunner. The heartbeat of the Wildrun® is exploring and experiencing truly wild places on the run. Be it on the Wild Coast of South Africa, the remote mountains of Lesotho, the geologically and botanically rich Richtersveld desert or the bushveld of Mapungubwe, each Wildrun® is unique, and each a potentially life-changing experience. No markers.  No massive crowds. Just you, your sense of adventure and a truly wild place.

You’ve heard the rumblings. In 2019, we add Rwanda.

Mapungubwe 2018

Part 2 of a 3 Part Series

The powerful historical relevance of this life-changing journey and, an elephant encounter. Entries for the 2019 edition will open just a few weeks from now.

Day 2 – 34km

Safari on the Run: Mapungubwe Wildrun 2018

First in a 3-part Series

The promise was clear; 3 days, 3 African countries, 92km. The website went on to say, “From the ancient Mapungubwe citadel in South Africa, to the rolling savannah of Botswana’s Tuli block; this trail running journey of discovery would take a small group of runners across the mighty Limpopo River to the banks of the gigantic Shashe River, through the rural villages of Maramani, past huge Baobabs and along ancient elephant trails etched into stone in Zimbabwe.”

Referred to as “The ultimate safari-on-the-run.”