Run the Wildcoast

As runners, we often talk about the freedom that running brings to our lives. We live for wide open spaces, big skies and those moments where nothing but birdsong filters through the air on a gentle breeze. We plan our adventures around sunrises, sunsets and the simplicity of placing one foot in front of the other for as many minutes or hours as our busy lives allow. There is very little as satisfying as looking down from a mountain peak at bumper to bumper traffic and thinking, I made a good choice here.

The Wildcoast Wildrun® takes that sense of freedom, and amplifies it to an indescribable level. From 31 Aug to 4 September 2019, this Transkei Wild Coast journey will take runners from Kei Mouth to Hole in the Wall via a combination of beach, grassy headland and coastal forest running. It is the very essence of running free, with a full crew to take care of your accommodation and food requirements along the way; you really only need to run.

Each of the 3 days of running includes 34 to 44km of pristine coastal environments, complete with whale spotting, a plethora of marine bird life and a heady mix of unique flora. In keeping with the peaceful ethos of the local isiXhosa tribes this is not a rushed event, and the majority of runners take each day at a leisurely pace, with just the front few racing for the record-breaking monetary incentives.

The very chilled out Nguni cattle are the cheerleaders, and many of the grassland trails were cut by these cloven hoofed beasts over the years. You’ll follow many of their narrow tracks, looking down on views that will remain in the memory banks for life. It is not a marked route, but if you keep the ocean on your right, you’re going the right way!

Each evening, weary bodies find their way in to sumptuous meals at comfortable accommodation spots along the coast. Every year, the accommodation partners go above the norm to host runners in style, and send them off rested and relaxed, and ready for another day of exploration on foot.

By the time the final runner winds their way down the bank that leads to Hole in the Wall, solid new friendships have been made, personal triumphs realised and life balance restored. And then, there is that after party…

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