Gifts for Trail Runners And a bit of 2019 calendar planning…

Gifts for Trail Runners

And a bit of 2019 calendar planning…

It’s that time of year again, and we hear you. Malls suck. In fact, the only way to shop in a mall is to have a very specific target list of items to purchase, a map of the facility and a time frame by which to get the heck out of there. Much like adventure racing, really. And comfortable shoes are key here too, as well as optimal hydration and effective fuelling. Or, shop online. We’ve collaborated with some absolute professionals (human behaviourists, psychologists, sports scientists etc.) to bring you the ultimate shopping list for your trail lovers, and you, with some insight in how to plan your 2019 adventures. The process is simple. Match the profile with the person, pick a gift and click on the link to shop.



They love the outdoors, own at least one pair of trail shoes and light up at the idea of a run that is long enough to get a little dirty, but short enough to get stuck into a post-race brekkie. They might belong to a trail group that plans adventures according to kids’ weekend sports matches, and they have done enough 10km and half marathons on tar to last a lifetime. They need a new challenge, and the Cape Summer Trail Series® is it!

Kicks off is 15 January at Kirstenbosch and is made up of 4 races, each with a long or short course, which means your gift lasts all the way through to 3 February.

The Gauteng Winter Trail Series begins on 16 June, so if you are planning ahead get that date in the diary!

And some gear for your Trail Series hero? How about a Do Fit Activity Tracker or a pair of Jaybird Freedom Special Edition Bluetooth Earphones




This friend or loved one disappears for hours at a time and comes home looking like they might have revisited their varsity days and gone on a bush diving spree. They did, they probably went bush diving during a gnarly mountain adventure. They say things like “check my vert” when they shove their STRAVA records under your nose, and they probably have a tattoo on their calf or muscly quad. Mountains are their thing, they tell you, and they own way more than one pair of trail shoes. They have friends that you have never met, but who know them intimately enough to pull a porcupine quill from their bums if needs be. They attend adventure film festivals, wear trucker caps and follow Rob Krar’s beard on Instagram.

Buy them a Bos Sport Mountain Challenge Series, amplified by Jaybird, entry for 2019. They get three mountain races in three of the most beautiful places in the Western Cape. Your gift lasts from May until October 2019 by which time you’ll know one of the strongest, happiest rock lovers around.

Gear for this one is tricky because they do mad research in their trail running forums all the time, but you can’t go wrong with a book like North, by Scott Jurek or Finding Ultra, by Rich Roll. And they always, always need a GPS running watch with better battery life than the one they have, so splash out on one like the  Garmin Fenix 5 where they can bush dive for 24 hours straight and record every bit of vert as well as every other stat imaginable. 




This one is easy to spot, and it might be you. They take on a lot, lead from the front, and seldom give themselves a holiday. They are suffering from year-end fatigue, and yet they press on. Long hours in the office, late nights and early mornings. They are tough to shop for, as they seem to have everything. Everything, but a break. Get them a break. Better yet, join them for it. The Wildrun® Africa portfolio of events was designed to take participants from the daily grind into spaces and places that are quite unimaginable until you are immersed in unique African beauty. From sunrises on the Limpopo to the gorilla spotting in Rwanda, each unique experience is guaranteed to revive even the weariest of souls and reawaken a love for adventure.  Shop via to begin the adventure of a lifetime.

And gear for this weary adventurer? They need things like Evac Dry Sacks and epic trail packs. They want a Camping Hammock or a portable Beer Growler for craft beer on the go.


As you begin the check lists for your holiday destinations, remember that time outdoors is simply the best way to find balance. Get your feet sandy, your kids muddy and your laptop on shut down. We’ll be out on the trails, scouting routes and resetting our own souls. We hope to see many of the Wildrunner friends and family out there.

Words: Kim Stephens