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In 2019, we are navigating a world driven by progress and tech, design and development. We’re moving at the fastest pace the world has seen, with more information at our finger tips this morning than we had last week. Anything we need to know comes at us via multiple screens, linked by a network of fibre at a speed that seemed impossible in the dark ages of dial up. We can access data and manage our lives on the go, from just about any location imaginable, shrinking the globe through our relentless and immediate communication options.

Gifts for Trail Runners And a bit of 2019 calendar planning…

Gifts for Trail Runners

And a bit of 2019 calendar planning…

Trail etiquette

“Along the top of Table Mountain after the monster climb, I started to catch groups of men. Passing them one by one with no hassles – no I don’t for one second believe that all men are chauvinists, I would like to make that very clear! I caught a guy with a flat cap, some cringe tattoos and inov-8s (name and shame right there – look out fellow trail runners). I asked if I could pass, he was clearly buggered as he had no muscle control over the technical terrain in the gale force winds, I didn’t get a response, but I figured he didn’t hear me.

So you want to climb?

You might have seen the National Geographic video of Alex Honnold recently. It’s tummy flipping and inspirting all in one.


“Alex Honnold makes the first free solos of the largest walls in North America. He scales 2,000 feet with only shoes and chalk bag—no rope, no safety, and no room for error. Though he's a superhero on the walls, off the rock Alex is a shy, self-effacing young guy living in his van. He's sort of a Clark Kent-Superman character.” – National Geographic