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Helderberg & Mountain Challenge Series 2020 update

By now, you will have concluded that the Helderberg Mountain Challenge won't be happening this weekend (13 June).  The Helderberg Nature Reserve remains locked down in level 3.


The Jonkershoek Valley is without a doubt one of the most beautiful mountain scenes in the Western Cape, and a popular trail running destination. Massive turrets and cliffs of orange-faced quartzite hold fortress over a collection of rambling mountain streams and waterfalls.

Wilderness Search and Rescue

One of the great mysteries of life is where the socks go. Is there a secret conversation that happens in sock factories the world over? Do they conspire in their infancy to escape to a happy sock place, where the singles mingle, free to partner as they wish after escaping the tedium of a life spent to the left, or the right, of their exact double? We might never know, and we might never find them, but rest assured there are some exceptional people ready and willing to find us mountain users, and we’re selling socks to support their efforts. It just seemed fitting.

MCS revamped