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Wild Dreams

2020 was the grim reaper of dreams. But tapping out of what makes us tick is the surest way to have it all fall apart. With local tourism and event organisation having taken one of the biggest knocks through the pandemic, it’s time to turn our dreams towards the local gems around us. Running wild and free is possibly the exact opposite, and ideal antidote, to lockdown.

Running wild on the African continent is a pastime as old as time. A connection to ancient places and spaces, people and legends.

Running wild is a total disconnect from technology, relentless communication, and worry.

Running wild is submersion in natural beauty.

Running wild is a reset and a reconnection to what matters. For just a few days, a reduction of your world to a physical journey, replacing the exhausting nine to five, clearing the mind.

It’s time for 2021 dreaming.

Within the Wildrun® Africa portfolio, two great adventures are open for bookings. These are not races, though you could choose to race them. They are curated running adventures, with full support form an experienced and dedicated team.


A 200km, five-day foot race from South Africa to Namibia through the ancient arid landscape of the /Ai/Ais-Richtersveld Transfrontier Park.

From the crystal fields of Sendelingsdrif in South Africa to the infamous giant boulders of Tatasberg deep in the /Ai/Ais-Richtersveld Transfrontier Park; this unparalleled journey then crosses the Orange River into Namibia and the wild lands of the Fish River Canyon. This is the running experience of a lifetime; this is the this is the Namibia Crossing.

Dates: 20 – 26 June 2021

Distance: 44km + 33km + 40km + 49km + 26km




A three-day boutique running holiday along South Africa’s Wild Coast, a slice of unfenced coastal paradise that traverses the rural homeland of the isiXhosa people. This is a trail running kaleidoscope that is at its heart wild in every sense of the word, from footprint-free golden beaches along a warm ocean, to rolling grass headlands and delicate coastal forests teeming with life. Envelope your senses in one of the World’s most spectacular coastlines whist enjoying the evening comfort of elegant hotels & lodges along your Wild Coast journey.

Dates: 08 - 12 Sep 2021

Distance: 44,2km + 35,2km + 34km