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Cups be gone!

Following the global trail running initiative started in 2011 in the USA, and continuing the trend of trail running organizers undeniable responsibility to tune into as many ways of being environmentally friendly as possible, all Wildrunner Events from the 1st February 2017 will be “cup-less” events. 

“Basically any aid station providing hydration to participants will no longer be providing disposable cups, hence this will require each participant to provide his/her own cup,” says Owen Middleton, Wildrunner founder and MD.  “This will not only reduce our waste footprint in a huge way, but will enhance an environmental consciousness that together we can make a difference”.

In parallel to taking this cup-less stance, Wildrunner has taken the initiative to import one of the leading, BPA free, collapsible cup designs.  This durable cup weighs only 15g, and unlike it’s competition can take both hot and cold liquid.  These will be available for only R60 at the Trail Store on event day, as well as during the entry process.