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2020 Running in Review

What a year for the runner. One minute we had an overcrowded race calendar, and the next we were jogging circles around our gardens. Some used stairwells, others grabbed a skipping rope and joined global skipping challenges, and many of us found online programmes to maintain some kind of fitness and focus. The mountains were banned, the beaches too, and when we were finally allowed out between 6 and 9am, it was clear that life as a runner had changed.

Heart rate training

How does it work? Is it for everyone? Will it make you a more efficient, faster runner?

Will you Veganuary?

Moving to a plant-based diet for the month of January is a global trend, and a non-committal way to give the lifestyle a try. Reducing our reliance on meat has many proven environmental benefits, but will the transition negatively affect your training? What does the science say?

Training on the go

The term “safe travels” has never been more apt. With South Africa’s Covid-19 numbers on the rise, a stay-cation is, for many, the safest option. However, the possibility of a safe and calculated escape to reunite with loved ones is the choice many of us will make, with a little bit of tinsel on our masks, perhaps.

Saffers run London

Sunday 4 October 2020 was a race day like never before. The great London Marathon, founded in 1981, staged a Covid-friendly version without the usual heaving crowds. The elite-only field raced 19.6 laps of a 2.15km loop around St James Park. Every person within the event grounds had passed a Covid-19 test. This racing format brought about new tactics and a forced rethink of standard marathon planning for each of the talented runners in both the men’s and women’s races. In addition to London’s finest wind and rain, no travelling athlete had their coach or support crew with them.

What I wish I knew about Trail Running

What I Wish They Had Told Me

Words by Kim Stephens

Crossing over to trail from road running, or taking up trail running as a brand new hobby can take some adjustments, and there are surprises beyond the odd snake spotting that you might want to factor in.  Did you know, that plants sometimes fight back? That trail "running" can include ladders, ropes and chains? That your road pace means sweet nothing on a mountain run? A few trail gems shared their gems with us.

Cape Summer Trail Series 2019

It’s here! And if you haven’t thrown your hat in the ring yet, here are some really good reasons to get on it.

Six Hill-Training Secrets All Runners Should Know

Alison Hamlett says "Learn to love hills and you’ll become a stronger athlete." 

Hills are hard. That’s why many of us run or ride around – rather than over – them in training. You might even choose races that are flat in an effort to keep your hill time to a minimum. But the truth is tackling hills will make you a stronger, faster athlete.