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Sport During Covid-19

The good, bad and ugly reality of global sport right now.

There aren’t many cracks or crevices that have not been touched by this global pandemic which has, at time of publication, taken the lives of nearly 700 000 citizens worldwide. Certain industries have been hit harder and faster than others and sport is undeniably one of the most catastrophic arenas. Sport is a major contributor to economic and social development. The global value of the sports industry is estimated at US$756 billion annually.

TNC 2021 opens

We have all been frustrated trying to tell friends & loved ones about a running experience we have had; be it that crisp morning sunrise run on your favorite trail, or a particular race or event experience you have invested in. 

The Namibia Crossing is one such experience, it's sure to leave you scratching for words.  Luckily we have this short video to help get you amped.