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This amazing poem was written by a friend of Wildrunner who wishes to remain anonymous.  Enjoy & share! 


Another day dawning in my hamster wheel
Too early in the morning, not sure how I feel
There’s anger for sure, and a good deal of sadness
I’m scared and confused, dazed by the madness

At the end of the night, with the coming of the light
I pull on my mask and get ready to fight.
Dive into routine, pretend to be busy
Run circles in the yard until I am dizzy
Flash a smile and try to act like I’m cool
Let’s see how many people today I can fool
No hero, this isn’t a battle for good
It’s a face that I wear because I think that I should

But the veil is thin because just under the skin
I rail at the world and this quandary we’re in
Locked down, locked up, locked in and locked out
Keep your distance is all I hear them shout
Put on your mask, keep sanitiser to hand
Infection and death rates are the rule of the land
The craziness of living through this period in time
Where dog walking can be considered a punishable crime

An economy in tatters, so many jobs that are lost
Poverty threatens like a cold morning frost.
People are hungry with nothing to eat
Walk out of their homes and onto the street
Instead of charity and hope what do they meet?
Cops with their batons ready to beat.
Stay indoors, they say, so we can flatten the curve
What good is all that if you have no food to serve?

Just look at the data and what does it say?
Is this calamity really worse than any other day?
Or is it media hype that is dictating the way
What people are doing and governments say
The dead and infected are only a fraction
In my mind not worth such an over reaction
But the complete disregard for our human right
Should really be cause for the biggest of fright.

These thoughts bounce around inside my head
They lead me to places so full of dread
I have no answers to the questions I ask
And instead I busy myself with meaningless task
Unwilling to accept what I cannot change
But too tired to change what I cannot accept
Robbed of my playgrounds of mountain and sea
I’m a shadow of the man I would like to be.

Another day ending and my hamster wheel slows
Realisation inside of me steadily grows
Its late in the evening, its time to be real
As the mask comes off, I now know how I feel
I still cant believe all of the madness
But the anger is muted along with the sadness
What scares me the most as the night will come
Is that my passion is dying and I’m simply numb.

 - The author of this amazing poem wishes to remain anonymous, but please respect that copyright rules still apply.