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Gauteng Trail Series 2019 Cancelled

Seasons change, and so must we.
Since our inception in 2007, Wildrunner has maintained a position of unquestionable innovation in the trail running arena. In 2008 we launched the Trail Series® -  South Africa's original short course trail running events Series that went on to have races in five provinces in South Africa.  In the 11 years that followed we rolled on with so many firsts - first three day stage race in the Wildcoast Wildrun®, SA's first South African Championships, first stage race in Lesotho and pioneering transfrontier Wildrun experiences to name just a few of many more highlights.  During this time we have enjoyed introducing so many people young and old to this wonderful sport, and seeing all of SA's current elites come through the ranks of the Trail Series® before taking flight in competitions around the world. We have built up an extensive community of 31 000 runners from across the country, and we continue to play an integral role in shaping running journeys throughout Africa.
The Gauteng Trail Series® became a popular platform for every level of trail runner to experience new and often unknown trails across the province. We extended it to 4 events each summer and another 4 each winter, and we have thoroughly enjoyed pioneering this sport in Gauteng and getting to know the trail characters from up North. We know that our loyal supporters will be disappointed to hear it, but we have made the very difficult decision to end the Gauteng Trail Series® with immediate effect. Since this events inception in 2008, the South African trail running calendar has changed dramatically. Our business must change and innovate accordingly, so we are freeing up some time and manpower to consider fresh, forward-thinking ideas.
The Cape Winter Trail Series® will continue as planned for the current year.
We’re never far away, and we would love to stay in touch as we plot and plan for the years ahead. Follow us on @WildrunnerZA on Instagram and Twitter. Stay part of our dynamic Facebook pages (Trail Series, Mountain Challenge Series, Wildrun and Wildrunner.co.za). And subscribe to our newsletter (link).
We hope that every one of you continue to support the Gauteng trail running community and all relevant race organisers in the area. We also hope that you’ll look us up when in the Cape.
And always, #unleashyourwildstride
For now,
The Wildrunner Team