Regain your running mojo

Fallen off the training scene? Can’t remember when last you entered a race? New Year’s resolutions slipping out of your hands as you hit snooze, again?

You aren’t alone. Let’s look at some basic ways to regain that running mojo and make 2019 your time to shine.

1. Hook Up. Find a group with a pace suited to your own, and commit to joining them. Ask on social media until something suitable comes along (don’t be too picky!) and swipe right baby.

2. Shop a Little. Nothing like new gear to make you want to get out there. Splurge on new shoes, or a hot new vest. Head bands are VERY in this season (for guys and girls), so rock that 80s tennis player look and hit the trails with confidence. Trend first, pace later.

3. Pick a Date. It’s so obvious, but giving yourself a race goal with enough time to prepare for it is the best motivator out there. Hold yourself accountable by splashing your intention on social media, or your family Whatsapp group if you’re a little shy. Listen when your loved ones say “you’ve got this”. Then go get it.

4. Say Yes. Lurking on a trail running group and watching all the happy adventures go by? Next time someone posts a route suggestion, put your hand up. Check on the group for another runner who might have lost their way recently, and try to convince them to join you at the back of the pack. No pressure to whip it around the mountain, just get out there and start the journey back in.

5. Too Soon. Avoid the too much, too soon scenario. Exhaustion is not motivating. Get out for a few short trots, then add to them. Before you know it you are back in the game!

Remember, we don’t HAVE to run, we GET to run. It’s a privilege.

Words by Kim Stephens