Lion’s Head Closing

One of the grandest ladies of the Cape needs some time out, and we could not agree more. Anyone who has enjoyed the trails of the Lion in recent years will have noticed some alarming erosion of the popular paths, and no end to the number of visitors and locals running, hiking and yoga posing their way up and down the Lion. Graffiti and litter are also in no short supply. Sunrise at the top of Lion’s Head is as popular as sundowners at Camps Bay for the mense of the Cape, but we have an obligations to protect and preserve our iconic outdoor spaces for future generations to enjoy, in all their natural splendour.

And it’s not like we don’t have alternatives!

Image: ©Brendan Wainwright

As received from the offices of SANParks:

South African National Parks (SANParks) wishes to inform all Table Mountain National Parks (TMNP) visitors of the pending trail maintenance that will take place on Lions Head from 7 January 2019 to 15 February 2019. Successful completion of this much needed intervention on the popular spiral trail up to the summit requires full closure of the trail during the maintenance period.

During 2017, a Trail Audit Report for the Lions Head and Signal Hill footpath network was completed. The outcome of the report resulted in recommendations to improve the longevity of the trail, safety of hikers in the area and the environmental protection of the Lions Head and Signal Hill.

Since the inception of the report, the TMNP management has formulated a phased approach to implement the recommended actions. Minor work that would pose the least interrupted usage of the trail has been completed and includes closure of unauthorised pathways and desire lines, directional signage erected to guide hikers along the official trails and completion of the assessment for certification of the climbing infrastructure along the trail.

TMNP will now embark on one of the more intensive phases of the project where the condition of the trail will be addressed.

Kindly note that no access will be permitted to hikers or runners via the track entrance along Signal Hill Drive. This includes the restriction on access after sunset and before sunrise. Due to the maintenance in progress we cannot guarantee the safe passage of visitors along the path way and hence the entire trail will be closed.

Signal Hill will remain open to the public as a viewing point.

For more information on which paths you may use for hiking or if you would like to talk to us, please visit our social media pages:

Facebook – SANParks_TMNP

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Alternatively, forward your enquiries to:

Mathabatha Matjila, Table Mountain National Park, Tel: 021 422 1601; Email:

TMNP management wishes to thank our visitors for their cooperation during this time.