Wildrunner and WWF South Africa team up

One of the great joys of trail running is the ability to get outside and enjoy nature in all its glory. We often forget what a privilege it is to be able to run in places where there isn’t any traffic, pollution or other man-made hazards. Running in the mountains, on the beach, in the forest or the bush – where it’s only you, the crunch of the gravel, the sound of birds and maybe the occasional wildlife sighting – is what trail running is about for most of us. As trail runners, we have an obligation to contribute to help protect the beautiful areas we run in, not only for future trail running but for the world’s future in general.

At Wildrunner we have always given back to the nature reserves and local communities of the areas where we host our events and we are always looking for ways to contribute in a meaningful manner. Since the establishment of the company in 2008, we have given more than R400,000 back to the areas that we run in. It is for this reason that we have teamed up with the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) South Africa in their new Run for Nature campaign.

WWF SA has spent nearly 50 years investing in the conservation of South Africa’s unique biodiversity, including the strategic acquisition of property and the support of land stewardship programmes to ensure that our abundant natural heritage can live on as a legacy for future generations to enjoy. 

WWF Run for Nature is a WWF South Africa initiative that gives runners the opportunity to combine their twin passions for nature and running by raising funds for WWF to continue its conservation work and by raising awareness around important conservation issues. 

The WWF Run for Nature campaign is similar to WWF Ride for Nature, launched two years ago. Through this campaign more than one million rand has been raised for conservation, thanks to the support of cyclists all around South Africa. The partnership between Wildrunner and WWF SA means that from now on, when you enter any Wildrunner race (any Spur Trail Series™ race, Wildrun™ or any of the Mountain Challenge Series races) you will be given the option to make a donation to the WWF. These funds will go straight to WWF SA and utilised to conserve the very areas that we have the privilege of running in.

Click here to donate now.

To celebrate the launch of the Run for Nature campaign you can also buy a specially designed WWF Run for Nature running top at the WWF online store. Click here to visit the store now.

For more information on the WWF and its work in South Africa visit the website at www.wwf.org.za.