Buff® on the Trail

Widely accepted as standard trail running kit, a Buff® on the head and one on your wrist is how most trail runners do it. 

Warming your ears and head in winter, but just as effective in warding off UV rays in summer, Buff® is the brand of head gear garments known around the world for its unique functionality and innovation. More than 4.5 million Buffs® travel the world in search of the ultimate challenges, views, adventure and good old fashioned fun, every year. Even extreme climactic conditions won’t prevent true devotees from engaging in their favourite sports. From neck warmer to cap, headband to balaclava, hood to polar protection, the Buff® is your ultimate in stylish multi-functional accessory. The Buff® can change the comfort of your helmet, help ward off hypothermia and be the envy of fellow adventurers. There are Baby Buffs®, Buffs® for dogs and custom Buffs® for iconic events across South Africa. Lifestyle and fashion items add to the broad use of the Buff®. 

Known to hold a broken arm, stench a wound and fix bad hair days, the Buff® has surely seen more adventure than most outdoor apparel. The Original Buff® is 100% microfiber, tubular, high-stretch and seamless. Impressive breathability and humidity control along with Polygiene treatment ensure that the fabric remains cleaner for longer without releasing the odors created by bacteria. It should not be confused or substituted with the cheaper knock-offs.

A regular race companion to the likes of Ricky Lightfoot and Ryan Sandes, are you #buffenough?

The original Buff® will be available for purchase at all Wildrunner events at the Trail Store.