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Rest Days and Recovery Runs: What You Need to Know

Rest Days and Recovery Runs: What You Need to Know

How and why to incorporate rest and recovery into your training

Take planned rest days when you are healthy, or you will be taking forced rest days when you are injured.

Introducing Swellendam, host to the Marloth Mountain Challenge

Across the internet you’ll read that Swellendam is South Africa’s 3rd oldest town, although some forums argue that Paarl is in fact 3rd oldest, making Swellendam 4th oldest – just behind Cape Town and Stellenbosch.

‘Aint No Mountain High Enough | The Marloth Mountain Challenge

The Marloth Mountain Challenge (MMC) is the third and final race in Wildrunner’s Mountain Challenge Series. As the grand finale of the series it certainly doesn’t disappoint, and offers trail enthusiasts an opportunity to run along the actual route of the historical six-day Swellendam Hiking Trail, which is in fact ordinarily closed to the public.

Can you recognize Hyperthermia?

Hyperthermia? Help!

In this article, we look at Hyperthermia which refers to the elevated temperature of the human body due to a failure of thermoregulation and in severe cases can result in death.

#AboutTrail Episode 8: Speed Training

How to get faster.