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Ankles of Trail

Most of us have been there. Snap, crackle, POP and your run is done. Just a loose rock, bad foot placement or a moment of distraction, and weeks or months of rehab lie ahead. Our ankles are particularly vulnerable out on technical trail, and once you’ve rolled them once, you’ve weakened one of your most powerful trail weapons.

Ankle strength can be a make or break (literally) for trail running performance. We rounded up two fresh perspectives on ankle health.

The Lyno Guy

Name: Mark Lindenberg

Heat Running

Summer is coming in HOT which means a change in how we approach our training and racing. Physical activity in hotter temperatures loads the strain on your body and cardiovascular system. As your body temperature rises, your body reacts with increased sweat production, your heart rate increases and your blood vessels dilate.

Heat cramps occur when you lose too much fluid and electrolytes through sweating. This can occur during a run, or hours afterwards.

Trail Series® Phantom Rally is on!

The Trail Series® Phantom Rally (TSPR) is the new Wildrunner offering with all the buzz and vibe of the tried and tested Trail Series® format, just wrapped up in a socially distanced, masked and sanitized offering. From 1 July, trail lovers of every age and ability will be able to take part in a new race each month, experiencing the beauty and diversity of the Cape Trails in the only competitive (or non-competitive!) way.

Born to be Wild

South Africa is globally renowned for its accessible, wide open spaces. For those who were not raised clambering over rocks, skipping along cattle tracks or drinking from mountain streams, the idea of raising children to embrace the elements and celebrate mountain summits may seem far-fetched, or even questionable in terms of safety. But in a world lived digitally, many families have countered or collapsed screen time in favour of bringing up little wildlings, and the benefits are endless.

Winter Running Tips and Tricks

In most parts of South Africa, winter is the most beautiful time to hit the trails. Waterfalls, storm chasing, abundant plant life and good old puddle jumping are usually all the motivation we need to head to our favourite trail heads. But for those who are new to the idea of training through the cold months, here's some advice and inspiration to nail the season ahead.

Shorter, Faster

What to Watch

A combination of winter and Level 3 (at time of publication!) lockdown is the perfect time to get your stoke on with some mind blowing outdoor and adventure documentaries. We did a quick round up of five worth tagging. All currently available on Netflix.

Helderberg & Mountain Challenge Series 2020 update

By now, you will have concluded that the Helderberg Mountain Challenge won't be happening this weekend (13 June).  The Helderberg Nature Reserve remains locked down in level 3.

What I wish I knew about Trail Running

What I Wish They Had Told Me

Words by Kim Stephens

Crossing over to trail from road running, or taking up trail running as a brand new hobby can take some adjustments, and there are surprises beyond the odd snake spotting that you might want to factor in.  Did you know, that plants sometimes fight back? That trail "running" can include ladders, ropes and chains? That your road pace means sweet nothing on a mountain run? A few trail gems shared their gems with us.

Jonkershoek Mountain Challenge 2020

Hosted by Wildrunner, the BOS Sport Mountain Challenge Series, is the only one of its kind in South Africa. A tough, pure mountain running series made up of three separate races; the Jonkershoek Mountain Challenge (JMC), the Helderberg Mountain Challenge (HMC) and the Marloth Mountain Challenge (MMC). Each event consists of a Lite, Extreme and Ultra distance race. To complete the series, participants must compete in the same distance category at each race.

Cross training for Trail Runners

We all KNOW we should be doing it, and it feels like everyone else IS, but what exactly is IT and where do we start? The hills are alive with misinformation, hype and training trends, so we took our burning questions to the professionals, for some rounded, realistic guidance on cross training for trail runners.

First in the hot seat is Brendan Lombard, a 30-year-old Cape based fitness expert, run coach and elite trail runner. When pressed to outline the top 3 tips that he would confidently hand to any trail runner, Brendan outlined the following: