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Become a Faster Runner Without Running a Step

Mark Eller from Competitor.com has some helpful tips to improve your speed without running more. 

Six Hill-Training Secrets All Runners Should Know

Alison Hamlett says "Learn to love hills and you’ll become a stronger athlete." 

Hills are hard. That’s why many of us run or ride around – rather than over – them in training. You might even choose races that are flat in an effort to keep your hill time to a minimum. But the truth is tackling hills will make you a stronger, faster athlete.

How far, how fast, how OFTEN

How often should you run is one of the most important questions to consider before you start any training. Matt Fitzgerald from Competitor.com explains how often we should run and whether or not cross training is a good idea.

Build a Better Runner in 5 Minutes a Day

 David Roche explains how to reduce your risk of injury by using simple exercises that will add very little time to your exercise schedule.

Quick but effective exercises to reduce your risk of injury, so you can spend more time on the trails

Hydrations: The Basics

Simple tips for optimal hydration when running

As trail runners, hydration is one of our most basic needs.

Anytime, Anyplace Workouts

Training like a pro while working like a Joe

Here’s a secret that may not come through in Facebook posts or Instagram photos about running: Occasionally, almost everyone has that daunted, tired feeling about getting out the door.

Rest Days and Recovery Runs: What You Need to Know

Rest Days and Recovery Runs: What You Need to Know

How and why to incorporate rest and recovery into your training

Take planned rest days when you are healthy, or you will be taking forced rest days when you are injured.

#AboutTrail Episode 8: Speed Training

How to get faster.

Breathing tips for new runners

How to breathe while running to avoid exhaustion and side stitches.

If you have ever had breathing problems in the past you will know that it is one of the most unpleasant things that you will ever experience. The article below should give you an idea on how to improve your breathing technique which in essence will make you a better runner.

5 Unhealthy 'Health Foods'

5 Unhealthy ‘Health Foods’

Don’t be deceived by appearances, they’re not as healthy as they say.