Meet our Coach

Introducing one of our new panel of experts, professional coach Ian Waddell. As Wildrunner Weekly evolves over the next few weeks (watch this space!) we’ll be introducing a panel of experts who will contribute regularly, sharing their expertise in the field of local trail running, nutrition, environmental issues, wilderness survival, medical topics, the hottest gear, and international running news.

Who is Ian Waddell?

“I work with a wide range of people (including athletes - from novices to professionals) who seek positive direction so that they can achieve their goals without losing their balance in life.

I focus on the whole person – body, mind and spirit – and provide highly individualised, holistic, and positive guidance. My approach is based on my training as a specialised kinesiologist, personal trainer and bike fitter, as well as my personal experience, including my many years competing in local and international triathlon and my continuing spiritual development.”

Some familiar names have enjoyed coaching programmes from Ian; Ryan Sandes, Landie Greyling, Daniel Rowland, Megan MacKenzie, Kris West, Jock Green and Andrew Espin.

We asked Ian for his top 5 tip if you are currently converting from tar to trail, or just incorporating more trail to your tar routine!

  1. Self-sufficiency – whether training or racing you need to be organised with your own nutrition, hydration and anything for emergencies i.e. cell phone, rain jacket or emergency blanket
  2. Looking after your body – trail is a lot heavier on the body and there is a lot more “wear & tear” – strength straining, stretching & a strong core can keep you injury free & running happy.
  3. Necessary equipment – trail shoes are essential (your road shoes are not going to cut it!!)  plus a hydration pack to carry all your goodies
  4. Expectations – unlike road trail is not about your time or comparing one race to another (this is impossible!) – trail is all about varying terrain and running in any weather conditions and appreciating Nature
  5. Route – to avoid getting lost you need to know your trail route – either a map, GPS or a well-sign posted route is essential to your happiness (also the rule of “leave no trace” of yourself in Nature of course).

We look forward to working with Ian in coming months, and to bringing his brand of expertise to you all as you grow in every possible way on the trails.